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Posted on 08 September 2016

A message from Paul, owner of Crawford Boys.


It is a word that we hear quite often here at Crawford Boys.

At one time the word had a powerful, other worldly meaning. It referred to something so extraordinary, so wonderful, so far beyond mankind’s ability to reproduce or equal it that people would truly be in awe. From a religious point of view, awesome referred to a work of the Lord.   Others would gaze at the night sky or Grand Canyon, finding those views to be awe-inspiring.

That was then. Today the word is part of the common vernacular and has become far more pedestrian in its meaning. Awesome is used to describe anything that runs the gamut from just OK to pretty good to outstanding or out of the ordinary. Things pretty much in human control rather than something much greater.

We hear the word used over and over again by parents after they are the recipients of our ‘above and beyond the call’ customer service.


  • It was used by the mom who came in with her sons a couple of hours before a funeral of a family member and we were able to alter a blazer and pants so that the boys would be dressed respectfully.
  • * It was used by the mom and her son who were frustrated to the breaking point, running around trying to find a suit for her difficult to fit boy before a friend recommended Crawford Boys. With a little good humor and outside the box creativity we found the perfect outfit.
  • We heard it again one night after we had turned out the lights and closed the store. While finishing some work in the back we heard the door rattle. Upon looking we saw a young boy and his mom turning and walking away. Curious, we ran to the front, opened the door and called to them. It turned out that he needed his altered clothing for the next day, had forgotten to pick it up, rushed to the store and finding it locked up and dark were upset, disappointed and heading back home. Then they heard us call to them.
  • Awesome is the term used by those who simply want to express their satisfaction at the patience, good humor, advice and expertise we show to every customer.


Perhaps the original meaning of the word does not apply to what we do here at Crawford Boys. But we appreciate hearing it none-the-less.

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