Summer Camp Checklist

Posted on 08 June 2017

With summer fast approaching, it's almost time to send your kids off to camp! Here's a list of things that you won't want them to forget. It's always good to be over-prepared, especially when the kids are off on their own for a few weeks.

There are many overnight and weekly camps in and around Toronto. Check out this page for a plethora of themed, educational, and fun summer camps!

Below we've compiled a list of the most common things campers should bring. We've included the option of dress clothes as most camps have at least one 'nice occasion', be it a dance, a morning service, etc, that asks the kids to dress up a little. As always though, if you're not sure what to pack, consult the camp on things they suggest to bring or leave at home. 

This list is also available as a printable version for your convenience here.



o   Loose t-shirts

o   Shorts

o   Linen/cotton pants

o   Jeans

o   Sweatpants

o   Pajamas

o   Sweater and/or light jacket

o    Dress clothes (formal shirts and dress pants)

o   Socks and undergarments (at least 1 pair per day)

o   Swimming trunks (bathing suit)


o   Sneakers (2 pairs if extended stay)

o   Water shoes

o   Flip flops (for shower)

o   Loafers

o   Dress shoes 

Miscellaneous (optional)

o   Bedding (Sheets, sleeping bags, pillow cases)

o   Journal or notebook

o   Camera

o   Bug repellent

o   Flash light

o   Deck of cards or other entertainment

o   Home comfort (teddy bears or photographs)

o   A backpack


o   Toothbrush/Toothpaste

o   Towels (for swimming and showering)

o   Body lotion/cream

o   Shampoo, conditioner

o   Body wash, hand soap

o   Brush/comb

o   Sunblock

o   Laundry bag

o   Medication (if required)

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