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CB Super Hero!

Posted on 15 October 2016

A message from Charlotte & Caitlin.
Crawford Boys staffers extraordinaire.

Not long ago, we were standing around talking about new window ideas for the fall and Paul mentioned how cool it would be if we could get a mannequin to fly in the window and do a sort of superhero theme. So then the question was;

Is this possible?

How cool would it be if it were possible to hang a mannequin in the window somehow, and have a superhero window with capes and everything!

Instead of just a typical fall themed retail store window, we came up with some awesome ideas to bring you one of our most unique windows yet – the Crawford Boy superhero!

Caitlin and I worked on ideas for the crests on the mannequin, and the idea of capes and how to make them, what size they should be, and colour ideas. We checked with our window decorator to make sure that suspending a mannequin was even in fact, possible.

The pose of the mannequin would have to be flying through the air with one or two fists out, and the cape also needed to be suspended to look like Crawford Boy was in fact, flying through the air.

After a few concept designs we finally came up with what the crest would look like and how we would make it. Lots of thought also went into what kind and how much fabric the capes would need, and how we would make them, what colours to make them and more things such as that.

Our main goal was to create the ultimate superhero window which would captivate you when you walk by and show you that buying suits can also be fun!




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