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Shopping With Dad

Posted on 19 June 2016

Fathers’ Day each year brings back memories of celebrating past years, as well as the relationship between fathers and their children. 

When it comes to purchasing clothing for their sons, the father/son relationship certainly has changed over the years. When I was a youngster, fathers were generally acknowledged to be the masters of the house. They were of the generation that lived through the depression and fought or worked on the home front during World War II. Having overcome tough times, they were determined, hard working and as a rule very set in their ideas of discipline and the proper order of things. So when a father said ‘here are some new clothes for you to wear’, our reaction as kids was not to question the order but to say ‘thank you’.  A least that was my experience.

It was a rare occasion that I was actually taken out to a store for clothing and rarely was I asked for an opinion or given much choice. For the most part clothing appeared at home with the injunction, ‘Here, you’ll wear this’. As in the Star Trek world of the Borg, resistance was futile. 

The universe of today is vastly different. From what we see here at Crawford Boys, that Borg philosophy is for the most part dead and gone. The dads walking through our doors with their sons have a totally different attitude. Dads are far more invested in encouraging their sons to explore the options available, express their self-image, develop their sense of fashion and decision making capabilities.

Of course, there are always some boundaries involved depending on the occasion for which the clothing is being purchased, but within those boundaries today’s dads take their son’s concerns and personal taste into account, and try to guide them with suggestions and advice rather than dictatorial orders. 

It is a very different attitude from the one I remember from my childhood. And it’s a better one. Happy Fathers’ Day dads!

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