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Goodbye to an Old Friend

Posted on 23 September 2016


A message from Paul, owner of Crawford Boys


 17 years.

Had it been a stage play, the longevity of this category of clothing would have been the envy of Broadway.

Classic clothing such as navy suits and blazers, white and powder shirts, plain shade dress pants have no fashion expiration date.  Everything else may come in and go out of style and popularity.  No matter how well a fashion item has sold we are rarely tempted to order more.  Hard lessons have taught us that the repeat order is less successful than the original and all too often ends up on a deep discount table.

One category of clothing however broke that mold.

These items continued to surprise us for 17 years.

Commemorating the first 6 teams that made up the National Hockey League, the ‘Original 6’ t-shirts remained popular for the better part of 20 years.  They kept selling and we kept repeating.

The t-shirts came in two designs with one color offered in each.  Unchanging for all that time.  They made great gift purchases.  Guys who bought one would come back in 3 and 4 years later to replace it.  A parent would purchase a youth size for her son and we would see him back over the years as he grew into the adult sizes.   Visitors to our web site phoned from across Canada and the United States asking if we would ship to them.   A number of years ago, through a staff member who had a connection to hockey we were able to arrange for retired NHL players to come to Crawford Boys for an afternoon and sign autographs for our customers.  Many of them would return with their t-shirt time and time again to have another player autograph it.  And in all the years I did not see these t-shirts in any of the sports stores, perhaps partially explaining why the ‘Original 6’ t-shirts were so popular with us.



We’ve often wondered how long the run would last and now have our answer.  Over the past year the sales have gradually dropped and our repeats were few, farther between and with fewer t-shirts ordered.  After selling very few for the camp season we were faced with the reality that as with many good things, this one had come to an end.  Drop the curtain, close the theatre lights and take down the bill boards.  We are now clearing the remainder out at a 40% price reduction.   It was a great run.  Far longer than we could have imagined.  They are only t-shirts, inanimate objects.  Still, letting them go is almost like waving goodbye of an old friend.  

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