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How To: Dressing Kids for Holiday Parties

Posted on 14 December 2017

‘Tis the season to spend an hour and a half trying to decide what’s appropriate for your little ones to wear to a holiday party. Lucky for you, we do this for a living! We’ve put together a list of parties and the different outfits you can dress the little ones in, sure to steal the show!

The formal party

The easiest way to dress your little guy up for this is to put him in a suit (usually navy or grey for holidays, but black is also a good option). A solid shirt on underneath, paired with a tie or bowtie to finish off the look.


If you’re not in store for buying a new suit just yet (because you bought one 2 weeks ago and he’s already grown out of it), you can still do formal with just a sport jacket, a nice dress shirt and a pair of dress pants to compliment the colour of the jacket. Match your belt and shoes, good to go!


The semi formal party

There’s a little more leeway to work with when you’re going semi formal. First determine whether you’re leaning more towards the semi or the formal. For a guy that’s going for a more casual look, donning a nice sport shirt with a tie, pair of dressy chinos and matching belt and shoes – he’ll look comfortable but also put together and not out of place.

If you want to look a little snazzier, you could pair a sport jacket, sport shirt (with no tie), a pair of dress pants and as always, matching belt and shoes. If you need to dress it down, slip off the sport jacket – if you need to dress it up a little, throw on a tie and off you go!


The casual party

You know the one – your neighbours that you’ve known forever invited you over for dinner and drinks, and told you to bring your kids along. You don’t need to do anything too special but its nice to get the little ones out of track pants every once in a while. A nice shirt, either a sport shirt or a polo shirt will do. A nice pair of jeans and (reasonably) clean sneakers – you’re good to go!

You can’t go wrong with these holiday party combos, they’re easy to follow and you can mix and match essentials if you’re expecting to be at a few different parties this season.

Happy partying!

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