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It's All In The Details

Posted on 28 November 2015

Until recently socks were basic and non-descript, but necessary afterthoughts to a guy’s wardrobe. Most often socks were purchased on an as-needed basis when an old pair wore out. Black, grey, navy plain shades or perhaps woven with a classic argyle pattern were the norm. Boring, boring, boring.

Then, about 3 seasons ago, like the first smell of spring in the air, socks officially burst out of that boring category and emerged as exciting fashion accessories.

Today, bright, colorful socks woven with themed or fanciful patterns are one of our most popular items and guys spend almost as much time deciding which socks to buy as they do ties.

Many fashion gurus consider the tie to be the most important component of a man’s suit. A great tie will give even the less costly suit a far more expensive appearance. And a poor choice will drag down the appearance of an expensive suit. And with most men’s suits being variations of navy, black, grey or brown, it was the tie that allowed a man to express some individuality and character. Thankfully, we can now add socks to the list as a means of expressing individuality and creativity!

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