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New Year's 2017

Posted on 31 December 2017

Every year we all resolve to be a better version of ourselves. While it’s great in concept, its not easy to wake up in the morning as a different person. Habits form over years and it takes hard work to crack ourselves out of our habitual shell. The great thing about having young kids, you can enforce better habits now so when they get older, there’s no need to get out of them! While running 5k a day is an unreasonable resolution to make if he sits on the couch for 9.5 hours on Sunday, there are a few little changes that aren’t too hard to follow, especially when it comes to style. We’ve compiled a list of fashion resolutions your boy(s) can stick to this year and when you see how he looks…you’ll be glad he did!

I resolve to:

  • Always tuck my shirt in neatly.
  • Always match my shoes to my belt.
  • Always wear matching socks (when the show).
  • Only let mom buy things I’ll actually wear
  • Always wear my pants at a reasonable height and length.
  • Not wear track pants to semi formal occasions.
  • Not throw my new suit in a ball on the floor
  • Learn how to tie a tie

And the one we like to stick to no matter what time of year,

I resolve to always act and feel my best, no matter what I’m wearing.

Sending you all the best wishes and luck in the New Year; may it bring you prosperity and happiness!


Happy New Year from all of us at Crawford Boys Clothing!

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