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New York, New York!

Posted on 02 March 2019

I can’t sing the song but am certainly able to go and look. And that is what we’re going to do in another few days.

A major trade show of children’s clothing takes place twice a year in New York. Over 200 exhibitors featuring more names and labels than I care to count. Boys clothing, girls, juniors, infants… You name it. It’s a must-see exhibition for most retailers selling children’s wear. The only problem with the show from our point of view is that in past years virtually all the exhibitors at the show dealt with infant, toddler and cute clothes for girls and boys in size ranges that stopped at 10 or 14. Our specialty at Crawford Boys is bigger boys dress and better casual clothing with sizes up to 20, which translates to precious little for us to look at that would justify the cost of a trip to New York. This being the case, it’s been 5 or 6 years since I’ve gone down to check out the show.

Things can change over time and a bit of research has indicated that at the next show there might now be a few new suppliers exhibiting clothing that we, as retailers of boys clothing should check out. The possibility of expanding our selection and offering some new lines of great clothing to our customers always excites us. So in early March Caitlin and I will be boarding an early (very early!) flight to New York so that we can have the entire day to explore the show and evaluate any new sources of fashion for Crawford Boys. We are hoping that this day trip will bear fruit. If not, then at least we’ve done our due diligence to be sure that we haven’t missed out on anything new. And we might even have time to treat ourselves to a late lunch or early dinner in the Big Apple. Bonus!

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