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Out of the Mouths of Babes......

Posted on 01 November 2016

A message from Paul, owner of Crawford Boys

‘Out of the mouths of babes’ is the old expression.  Some of the best ideas we’ve come up with over the years have originated not from us but from the inventive mind of one of our young customers.

That old expression however reminded me of a very amusing incident that occurred about six or seven years ago.

We had just upgraded our computer system.  On occasion a problem would arise that the staff was not familiar with and was blocking her/him from completing transaction and leaving the system free to move on to the next.  If in the store I would take a look at the screen, determine a course of action and rectify the difficulty.  This process usually took about 30 – 45 seconds.  If not in the store, I’d receive an SOS phone call.  In all cases I was able to visualize what was on the screen, what action had taken place and in the usual 30 or 45 seconds offer the solution.  Every time.  No problem.

Except once.

I got the call and despite all efforts, the situation could not be explained in such a manner that I was able to visualize or comprehend it.  “Great’, I thought to myself.  “Just great.  It will take me almost 40 minutes to drive back for what will probably be a 60 second fix.”  Just before saying that I was on my way and hanging up the phone, an outside the box thought came to me.

"I assume the customer is in the store?” I asked.

 She was. 

“OK, is her son with her?” 

He was. 

“How old is he?”

10 years old.

“Put him on the phone!”

He looked at the screen and explained what was showing.  I gave him a fast run down on how the system operated and in very short order he was able to bring up the options necessary to resolve the problem.  Less than two minutes and we were golden.  Talk about a genius idea.

Out of the mouths of babes?   Absolutely!!

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