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Random Acts of Kindness

Posted on 19 December 2015

This story occurred 5 or 6 years ago but thinking about it still brings a smile to my face.  An elderly woman came into our store one afternoon and announced that she had an unusual request. “Do you have a back door that I can use to reach my car on the street behind our side of the plaza?” she asked. “I had cataract surgery a few days ago and the doctor told me that I shouldn’t carry heavy parcels any distance for the next while. I just finished some shopping and these bags are too heavy for me to carry all the way around the end of the plaza to where my car is parked.”

I told the lady that as our store floor space does not reach all the way back we do not have rear door. She thanked me and proceeded to walk back out to the sidewalk. I stopped her, took the shopping bags from her and said that I would walk with her around the plaza to her car. She thanked me profusely several times but I told her that it was no big deal and I was happy to help her. Besides, I used to be a Beaver, Cub and Scout troop leader.

Deed done I returned to the store and thought no more about it…until the following day. I had a few things to do before arriving so didn’t get in until noon.  Waiting for me was a small gift bag tied with a bow.  Anna said that an older woman had come in asking if the young man was in (young? Well, okay, I’ll take a compliment when it comes my way).  She brought something for me in appreciation of my help the previous day.

Wrapped in the gift bag was a travel coffee mug. I was just taken aback by her thoughtfulness. Fortunately, Anna had asked for her telephone number and I called immediately to thank her and tell her that helping her only took a few minutes out of my day and was in no way a major thing. She disagreed saying that I saved her a lot of trouble and possible injury and that a coffee mug was the least she could do to say thank you.

It is often the small gestures that mean the most, that are the most heartfelt. Her gift brought a smile to my face and a happy, warm feeling. It still does, these years later. I believe that she gave me far more than I gave her.

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