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Shopping With Dad

Posted on 15 June 2017

When it comes to planning fun father-son bonding experiences, shopping for clothes doesn’t usually make the top ten activities. We’ve found over the years that mom generally handles most of the shopping, including finding a suit for her son. But when dad does take the plunge and head out to find that perfect suit, it doesn’t have to be viewed as a necessary-but-excruciating exercise. As we have seen time and time again, it can be fun.

When dad and son do head out on their own, we’ve found that most dads can be divided into several main categories: 

The ‘Serious Dad’– Finding the right suit, shirt, and tie is a business-like, no nonsense affair. Dad has a very definite sense of what the end result should be.

The ‘Easy-Going’ Dad– This dad is very laid back, full of banter and good-natured jibes. As long as what his son chooses falls within the boundaries of what’s acceptable for the occasion, this dad is happy to go along with it.

The ‘Super Stylish’ Dad- Dad is well dressed, well-coordinated, and is the epitome of style. He encourages his son to follow his lead and be a fashion leader.

The ‘Techie’ Dad– He’s usually sending emails and texts, checking his Facebook page, or looking at one web site or another, all while managing to find the perfect outfit.

The ‘I’ve-got-to-show-it-to-his-mom-first’ Dad– In all fairness, this type of dad is the most common. He’ll often snap a photo or two and text/email them to mom just to be sure that the choices he and his son have made will receive final approval.

The ‘Take Charge’ Dad – This man of men, this leader of others will simply make the decisions on his own, confident that his choices will stand.

These categories are of course not a complete list, and the dads often fall into more than one category. No matter their shopping style, they’re all here for their sons, which is the most important part.

One thing that does seem to be common to all fathers though…

Dad jokes- guaranteed to make anyone wince.

Happy Fathers’ Day from Crawford Boys!

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