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Social Media and the Online World

Posted on 01 December 2016


In the age of computers and a constantly connected world, information is shared at an ever-increasing velocity. Social media and online shopping have soared to new levels as many businesses recognize the convenience and time saving qualities it possesses.


Nowadays, someone’s cellphone is not just a means to make a phone call or send a text; it is their alarm clock, organizer, calendar, weatherman, scheduler, social media hub and life saver. In 2015, the stats were at 5.6 hours per day for time spent online, and that’s only an average.


And it is so with our team here at Crawford Boys. In order to grow our business, it is imperative that we invest more and more of our time and effort to online sales and social media. The choice is a simple one: Evolve and adapt in this ever-changing world…or get left behind.


Education has become the name of the game. We have attended conventions and online seminars to learn from experts in the field, as well as other business leaders who have run successful online enterprises. And it’s why three of us will be attending a ‘Digital Marketing Boot Camp’ in two weeks.


While we are sure that some of this will overlap and repeat lessons we have already come across, we are also sure that there will be much to be gained as there are always new spins on old information.


We strive to stay fresh, sharp, and open to innovation here at Crawford Boys, and look forward to opportunities like this to expand our education and learn new skills.

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