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Some People Get It... Some People Don't

Posted on 07 December 2015

I have been asked this question 3 or 4 times over the years and it was asked again a few nights ago.

I attended the annual Christmas banquet for the staff of an institution that I am involved with. After being introduced to one of the guests we engaged in one of those general ‘what sort of work do you do and how are you associatd with this group?’ conversations. When he learned that I own a small business he asked,

“So, how many people do you have working for you?”

“None.” was my answer, as it always is when asked this.

“What do you mean, ‘none’? How can you operate a business without people working for you?”

“Let me explain” I responded.
” I don’t have any people who are working FOR me. I do have some great people who are working WITH me. Big difference.”

Some people understand immediately. Some just don’t get the difference.

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