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Waiting in Anticipation

Posted on 24 January 2019

By the time school is out for Christmas holidays our busy fall/winter season is effectively over. For the most part, the boys who needed clothing have already been in and taken care of. As boys dress clothes are purchased primarily by need rather than any other purpose, even the winter sales do not garner crowds of shoppers. Consequently, the time between mid-December and mid-February can be rather dull. 

If your son does need clothing now however - and you enjoy picking up some bargains - enjoy the opportunity to shop in a quiet atmosphere, because now is certainly the time!

While it is nice to unwind after the busy season, the appreciation for this only lasts for a short while. There are only so many projects we can come up with to occupy us when not helping customers. It isn’t long before we begin to look forward to early February when our new spring collections arrive and our days will be full of unpacking, sorting, tagging and constantly rearranging the store as each new shipment comes in! Not to mention the huge and time-consuming work of photographing the new arrivals and uploading them on to our website. We’re already excited about the prospect of new, bright and colorful spring fashions filling the store.

It would be great if our suppliers would have clothing on hand to ship now, but such is not the case. So, we must go by the old saying, ‘Delay of gratification makes us appreciate things all the more.’ And mark your calendars – we’ll have exciting new looks for your son in just a few weeks!

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