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Where to Buy Boys' Shoes

Posted on 15 September 2016

A message from Paul, owner of Crawford Boys
& staff member extraordinaire, Charlotte


 “Where do you suggest I can go to find a good selection of dress shoes for my son?” 

That is one of the most commonly asked questions customers ask us.  And truth be told, we were not quite sure because there are so few retailers who specialize in shoes for boys 8 – 14 years old.  Thankfully, I have some bright young people working with me who are not shy about throwing ideas in my direction.  The question about shoes is a perfect case in point.  Charlotte, who has returned to Crawford Boys after a summer hiatus heard me respond to one of the moms, saying that I really don’t know where she could find a great selection of dress shoes for her son.

“How about me doing some research into stores that specialize in boys’ shoes?” she asked me. “I think being able to make some suggestions would be a great addition to our customer service.”

It was one of those ‘slap my forehead, why didn’t I think of this’ moments.  My immediate response was “Great idea.  Go for it!”

So without further adieu, here is Charlotte to pass along the results of her research…………..

After lots of “googling”, searching and many phone calls I located several stores that specialize in boys’ dress shoes and asked all the questions to save you the stress and headache of doing this all yourself! Unfortunately, there are very few specialists, some of the stores do not have websites and some had too small of a selection. And a few of the managers I spoke to just sounded uninterested.  After quite a bit of work I culled the options down to what I consider to be the top three shoe stores that are not far from our doorstep, and hopefully yours.

*Keep in mind that I did not actually set foot in any of these stores, this is just based off of speaking to a manager or owner on the phone.

Kiddie Kobbler
Location: Fairview Mall
Phone Number: 416-499-3556
Price Range: $60 – 70
Size Range: boys 10 youth – size 7 boys/men’s *can offer ½ sizes*
Main Brands: Geoff’s and Florsheim

The manager was super helpful, friendly and answered all my questions with enthusiasm. Since I couldn’t see the selection he offered over the phone, he directed me to his manufacturers websites so I could see the types and selection. They carry a wide variety of boys dress shoes and casual dress shoes as well as many other types of shoes as well which comes as a bonus! They even have (and can order in) some half sizes, which is great for your growing child as finding the right size can be difficult. Their Florsheim shoe in the leather ‘Reveal’ style is fantastic as they come in lace-up and slip on, and different colours/styles like lace or buckle depending on what you and your child prefer.  This is definitely where I visit first if I had a child because not only are the shoe styles they carry actually in-style, but their customer service was fantastic and the attitude reminded me of our attitude here in Crawford Boys.

Little Shoe Palace
Location: 3189 Bathurst St
Phone Number: 416-785-5290
Price Range: *was not given*
Size Range: As I was told on the phone “Little babies to big babies” (Babies to men’s J) *also ½ sizes
Main Brands: Many different brands *Not specified over the phone*

Little Shoe Palace has been in the business of children’s shoes for over 30 years and carry a variety of sizes. They also offer half sizes in their shoes and have a great selection of boys dress shoes. The person I spoke with was friendly and funny and for sure knew what he was talking about. Not much information was given over the phone but he assured me they have a fine selection of dress shoes for boys to go with our suits and dress clothing.

Kids Club Toronto
Location: 3381 Bathurst St
Phone Number: 416-398-4676
Price Range: $50 – 100+
Size Range: From baby to men’s but specialty is children’s
Main Brands: Geoff’s and more

After calling Kids Club, I can tell you that they are self proclaimed as “the best in the business”, have many brands in many sizes from babies to men but they specialize in children’s shoes. I am not quite sure as to which brands they actually sell and I couldn’t get an exact price range but he mentioned children’s shoes generally do not run up past $100.

I hope my research has helped you make a more informed decision on where to shop for your son’s new dress shoes!

Happy shopping to you.  Charlotte

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